Our Mission

We provide charities with a solution that enables them to perform everything from one place and to simplify and enhance fund raising activities.

Our Approach

The Charity CRM consultants guide you through the specification, implementation, and sustain the on-going operational effectiveness of your business solutions; providing a level of expertise that very few organisations can retain in-house. We know that cost-effective solutions don’t just happen. They require careful planning, close attention throughout the whole process, and continuous refinement along the way. Our goal is to generate the best return on investment (ROI), with the quickest payback for our clients; with an attention to the particular challenges that are affecting your organisation.

Project Management

Our project management approach will control on the planning and deployment of your solution.

  • Clients will be provided with a dedicated, consistent lead point of contact at IDS throughout the project.
  • The Charity CRM will work with your team to identify key milestones for the project including key review points.
  • A comprehensive feedback and evaluation of the project at the end point.